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The Power of Home


The Power
of Home

The Power of Home is a yearly conference for post-secondary students to learn and develop life skills that will have a long lasting impact on both your personal and professional success.

Workshops on becoming a Chef, a Financial Adviser, a Cocktail Enthusiast, a Business Professional and a Dining Room Expert.   

Afternoon talks include Dr. Carey Campbell on “Why the family is the best place for a human being to grow” & Dr. Douglas Campbell on “Are Deep Friendships Possible Online?”


Feb 25-27, 2023


Kintore College

75 Charles St W

Toronto ON

Chipnee Trails
Day Camp For Girls

At Chipnee Trail Day Camp, we offer a delightful range of activities that will inspire and entertain. Engage in hands-on arts and crafts sessions, experience & bond over the joy of cooking. And get ready for fun-filled games that will ignite laughter and friendly competition, creating treasured memories that will last a lifetime.


Campers Ages: 9 to 12

Staff Ages: 15 + 


Campers: July 2, 2023

Staff: July 1-July 3,2023


John Paul II Cultural Centre

6679 Woodworth Road

Port Burwell, ON

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