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Hospitality Training Centre

Ordinary work with an extraordinary impact

Our Purpose

 We strive to create a culture of excellence in service. We train young women to manage their home professionally. Our guiding principle is to create a spirit of service that recognizes the unique dignity of each person as a human being.


Creating a spirit of service


Our Vision

Those who participate in Lyncroft’s activities go home looking forward to trying out new ideas and with the encouragement that the work they do in the home is an important one, given that family is the heart of society.  This is one of Lyncroft’s principal contributions for making our world a little bit more human.


Our Mission

We encourage people to strive for excellence in homemaking with the conviction that the home is a place for the growth, development and nourishment of our loved ones.



"Lyncroft, what an amazing place! During the moments I spend here, I can say it’s a peaceful environment where people care for each other, whether they are employees or employers. At Lyncroft, I have the opportunity to work, and at the same time spend good moments with my colleagues. I also get better at my tasks and grow in my faith.

I’m very thankful and proud for working at this place."


A Safe Environment for All

Lyncroft is committed to providing a safe environment for all the participants in our activities and programs. If you have questions about our safety policy, or have a particular safety issue that you would like to bring to our attention, please contact our Safety Team at If you do not feel comfortable speaking with a member of the Lyncroft managing team, you can contact your local police or child protective services. If a minor is at risk, call 911.

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